Are you about to purchase the home of your dreams?

At the Law office of Victor Garza, we know that this process can be very stressful, so we want to make it easier for you. We understand that real estate agents play a significant role in the purchase, and it is crucial to know the key factors to pick the right one for you.

Below we share seven rules that will make this process easier to navigate. 

  1. Individuals need to obtain a license to work as real estate agents: When you purchase a home or conduct any other real estate transaction with the help of an agent, it is essential to make sure that your real estate agent has a license. 
  2. Check their curriculum and accreditation: To get the necessary accreditations as a real estate agent, you need to meet certain requirements in Texas. For example, a real estate agent should not have a criminal background. 
  3. The property needs to go through an appraisal: The property you want to buy must go through an appraisal process. This process will define the property’s appropriate value based on multiple characteristics such as the square footage, building materials, fixtures, features, etc. It will also ensure that the price you are paying is correct. Your real estate agent should be able to recommend a reliable appraisal company.
  4. An inspector needs to report all the damage in the house: Texas law states that any property sold needs to be examined by a licensed inspector. They have a legal obligation to report anything unusual and anything that is not up to legal standards. 
  5. The listing needs to be consistent with the property’s characteristics: Depending on the size of the property, the listings’ standards may vary. The owner and the real estate agent must be aware of these standards and follow them. This will ensure that no one is deceived by the information provided in the listing. 
  6. Wholesale real estate needs to be handled correctly: This applies to someone buying a property for a price under market value to profit from reselling it. Local laws regulate wholesale real estate transactions strictly, so this needs to be handled correctly to avoid issues. 
  7. The real estate agent license needs to be respected: Getting a certification to become a real estate agent is just the beginning. If your real estate agents claim they can do more, like secure financing or conduct appraisals, they need to be able to provide additional accreditation. 

You are now ready to take the next step and buy the home of your dreams! 

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