The real estate closing process is the most important one you will have when you go through the purchase of a home. Today we want to share the full closing process of the purchase of a home. So you can prepare when you decide to take this important step.

What is the real estate closing process? 

After going through the whole process of choosing a home, putting in an offer, the offer got accepted, and doing an inspection comes to the last step. For some, the most exciting step is the closing process.

The closing process is the moment where you become the legal owner of the home you have worked so hard for. The closing process is very important because it serves to protect the buyer, seller, lender, or a combination of them. 

What steps are involved in a house closing? 

We will give you all the steps you need to go through a house closing, not all of these may apply to you. 

  1. Title Search & Title Insurance: The title search is one of the most important steps in your home purchase is the title search that will help you define the purchase you are making has all its documents in order and they are giving you the right title. Additionally, you should get title insurance just in case the title search missed anything. 
  2. Home Inspection: This is very important for you to do because the home inspection will ensure that you are not buying a home with a lot of problems. It will ensure that the conditions of the place are optimal. This could make it a deal breaker since the inspection could uncover things that make the home worth less or not worth buying. This is usually mandatory when you are going to get a loan for the home. 
  3. Lender Appraisal: This step is only necessary if you are going to get a loan for the purchase. It will ensure that the value of the property is true and the appraisal has been done right. 
  4. Final Walk-Through: This is the final walk-through to ensure that everything is up to date and that everything on the contract is clear. 

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