At the Law Firm of Víctor Garza, we understand the complexity of real estate law and the importance of being well informed before making any transaction. Therefore, below we share five reasons why a real estate lawyer is crucial to close the sale or purchase of your property. This information will also be of value if you want to buy real estate as an investment.

A specialized real estate attorney has specific experience and knowledge: Real estate law encompasses much more than buying or selling a property. There are many components to this area of law, including various state and federal rules and regulations. Therefore, many legal issues can arise in the real estate industry – especially when you least expect it. 

Lawyers prioritize your interests: It is important to know that a lawyer does not work on commission as your real estate agent would. This influences how they act concerning the purchase or sale of your property. The real estate attorney puts your interests first and focuses on the legitimacy and legality of the process.

Your lawyer could negotiate for you in a commercial transaction: A commercial transaction is usually not the clearest and most direct. Therefore, it is valuable that your attorney is present throughout the negotiation. Lawyers understand all the possible situations that may arise during the negotiation. In this way, you can ensure that the documents are correct and that the transaction is not so stressful.

A lawyer will help you navigate complicated situations during the negotiation and closing: Usually, the first steps of a purchase are straightforward. After this, things get a bit more confusing as complex language is used for anyone not used to it. Having a lawyer with you during the process will give you peace of mind and security.

A skilled attorney can draft and review real estate documents to ensure their accuracy: This will help ensure that the necessary documents are completed and filed correctly and on time.

If you need a lawyer for your real estate transactions, call us.

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